In 2019 I started my own Sketch Comedy Group "Normal Party People". 

I am an improviser and comedian at UCB. 

I am the co-founder of Third Wheel Improv at Columbia University. 

I have a 50k following on TikTok under "ActressinDistress"

I have written for Slate Magazine and SlackJaw. 

I do impressions, characters, voices, musical improv, parody music videos! 

You can inquire about my packet and portfolio of writing 


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Normal People Party on M.O. TV
Music Video - Rap for "Juul" 

Written and performed by Jamie Gore Pawlik

My Impression Of "Jessica": A Girlfriend on A Vacation with her Boyfriend. 

the girl who thinks her boyfriend doubles as a photographer. But seriously!? Who can blame her? All she wants is just one good photo to send to to the group chat to let everyone know how much BETTER she is doing than them.

My Audition For Captain America 

I'm sharing my Captain American audition. I wish I had better things to say about Chris Evans but turns out he is a real #princess. A gorgeous, muscular princess, but a real spoiled brat no doubt

Impression of Doreen, Gossip Queen who never leaves office breakroom.

You know her. 

My Mean Girls Audition 

I auditioned for the film, "Mean Girls" a couple years ago and just got my tape back! Though I didn't realize it at the time, it turns out Tina Fey is a pretty good writer.

Safari Jane's Exotic Birthday Parties 

Character: A degenerate young adult who scams birthday parties. 

My Harry Potter Audition 

My audition for Hufflepuff Prefect. Still waiting for JK Rowling to get back to me on the sequel.  

My Wicked Audition 

They say dress for the part.... but I guess this is what I get for going above and beyond.